Well, 2020 is almost over. Am I right?

Executive Summary

In the third article in the COVIDigation series, RiskGenius CEO Chris Cheatham and MIT Researcher Bryan Wilson investigate the link between stay-at-home orders and numbers of business interruption insurance coverage lawsuits by state. Among the findings: Weekly levels of lawsuit filings have come down from the high levels observed in April and June 2020, and the highest rates of lawsuits per infection come from states that issued stay-at-home orders.

Following up on previous work exploring the relationships between COVID-19 and business interruption insurance litigation, in this article we evaluate trends that have emerged now that over 1,300 lawsuits have been filed.

Starting in March 2020, a number of federal and state measures were enacted in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These included stay-at-home orders, shelter-in-place orders and limitations on the types of businesses that could remain open. Predictably, this had a negative impact on many businesses.

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