Confianza has launched – a new data analytics company focused on smaller insurers. Two insurance industry veterans are behind the New Mexico company’s launch.

Jeffrey Glazer/Confianza

One co-founder – Jeffrey Glazer – is a past CEO of Activer Solutions and Insurity, and was a past CEO of Insurance Solutions at LexisNexis. As well, he was a vice president of Equifax and divisional officer at the Hartford Insurance Group. His insurance industry experience goes back more than 35 years.

The other co-founder – John Petricelli – is a data analytics professional with more than 35 years of insurance industry experience in areas including MGA/carrier and service providers, and

John Petricelli/Confianza

was a senior executive with both LexisNexis and Verisk. Confianza’s deal launch describes Petricelli as a serial entrepreneur who started multiple companies.

The founders describe Confianza as offering comprehensive data along with “innovative technology, advanced data processing and analytics to provide the critical information and insight needed to help the insurance industry make important decisions.”

“Through our proprietary technology and the experience of our leadership team, Confianza empowers agents, brokers and carriers with the modern tools, and better information, to make it easier for them to do business,” Glazer said.

Confianza said it helps carriers secure data and comprehensive information about potential or existing clients in one place. As well, the company claims, its veteran leadership has insurance industry connections that can help small to mid-size companies.

Petricelli, in prepared remarks, said Confianza is designed to go beyond “leading data/analytic companies” that focus on only the largest carriers and haven’t changed their models “to reflect the changing workflows of an insurance risk.”

Confianza is based in Albuquerque, with offices in Georgia and Florida.

Source: Confianza