There’s still time to reserve your seat for the upcoming presentation, Ready, Set… Activate! Advanced Risk Analytics for Wildfire & Flood in the U.S. sponsored by RMS. On Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT, Michael Young, Vice President, Model Development, will explore how new data and advanced risk analytics can help you to understand how to actively manage your exposure to this new (ab)normal.

Michael Young is an expert in modeling catastrophic climate perils for the insurance and re-insurance industry. During his 15 years with RMS, he has led teams that developed hurricane, convective storm, and flood models. Currently product manager of the RMS N. America Wildfire models suite, Michael has also worked as a lead wind vulnerability engineer, a director of claims and exposure development, and as the head of the mitigation practice.

Join us on Wednesday to learn more about risk modeling, how it can support underwriting, reinsurance purchasing and capital management.

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