Two units with AXA XL have teamed up to offer a new product for U.S. domiciled multinational businesses. A policy offered by a division of Liberty Mutual’s Ironshore has been expanded to offer more potential coverage classes.


AXA XL’s Global Risk Management (GRM) and its North America Excess Casualty business units have teamed up to offer Multipass, a new product designed to help U.S. domiciled multinational businesses efficiently address their tax/compliance regulations and contractual obligations.

Multipass combines an international controlled master program with an umbrella liability policy to create a global admitted commercial umbrella program. As well, it extends the international primary General Liability policy limit to meet a customer’s requirements in a specific country or countries. Multipass will provide higher limits under the same local policy where AXA XL is licensed to provide admitted coverage. The policy is written on local admitted paper for the country where requested, creating a more efficient end-to-end process for the client. AXA XL said.

The Multinational Casualty team will provide coordinated claims handling services and will make local payments up to the policy limit for covered losses.


Ironshore Environmental’s Contractors’ Environmental Legal Liability (CELL) policy can now be broadened to include Professional Liability for certain contractor classes.

Ironshore’s CELL coverage responds to third-party bodily injury, property damage and remediation of environmental damages resulting from pollution incidents caused by the contractor’s work at a job site. A pollution incident is not required to trigger a professional incident. General and artisan commercial contractors with revenues less than $75 million that do not provide or subcontract professional services can secure Professional Liability coverage that is offered via endorsement.

Professional coverage is offered on a claims-made basis and can be written on a practice or project basis. CELL with Professional Liability coverage is available with a minimum premium of $2,000 with a minimum deductible of $5,000.

In addition to the new Professional Liability enhancement, CELL also includes coverage for pollution liability associated with transportation, non-owned sites and time-element pollution incidents at an insured’s owned sites, as well as costs associated with image restoration, disinfection events and pre-claim expenses.

Sources: AXA XL, Liberty Mutual/Ironshore