Welcome to the debut edition of Carrier Management’s InsurTech email newsletter.

The launch of this twice-monthly offering comes at a crucial time for InsurTech, which is an increasingly important ingredient for virtually every segment of the property/casualty insurance industry.

Carriers are turning to its innovations to revamp how they underwrite and model for risk, and InsurTechs have also emerged as their upstart competitors.

Brokers and agents rely on InsurTech to keep them competitive in an age when customers want to research and buy things quickly online.

Claims professionals are another target market for technology developers pitching advances that can help them do their jobs at rapid-fire speed without sacrificing accuracy.

InsurTech is here to stay, and with our twice-monthly newsletter, we’ll identify the players, the deals and the advances you need to know.

We appreciate your readership and interest. Please write with suggestions and feedback. I’m editing this newsletter, and you can reach me at mhollmer@wellsmedia.com.