Is being indispensable a sign of a great leader? Not according to a recent post on the blog RapidStart Leadership.

When success or failure depends on one person, the company is left vulnerable. A great leader will take the time to identify and train “seconds” who can help strengthen the company today and ensure it survives beyond their tenure.

Some other benefits of training seconds:

  • You become a more attractive prospect if you can show that the team is ready to fill the gap when you step up to the next level.
  • Preparing others for a higher position gives them a sense of future possibility within the organization, which in turn builds loyalty, reduces turnover and strengthens the culture.
  • As your second becomes capable of taking on more tasks, it opens up your schedule for other things, like building relationships and visiting your team in the trenches.
  • Teaching your job to someone else can help you see each task more objectively, which offers the chance to identify any shortcomings and improve your own performance as well.

See the full posting: “Who’s Your Second? Are We Really Leading, or Just in Charge?

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