One way to be a good leader is to proactively search for and recognize employees who are doing things the right way.

That’s a tip from Bruce Jones, senior cast development director at the Disney Institute, who elaborated on the idea in a recent Disney Institute Blog posting.

“Not only does catching people doing things right increase the likelihood that these good behaviors will repeat, the positive reinforcement that comes from acknowledging good behaviors nurtures an individual’s self-confidence,” Jones wrote. “Increased confidence further enables people to do their best work, which, with continuous reinforcement, has the potential to make a dramatic and lasting impact on the organization.”

Even beyond that, however, positive reinforcement is an easy and quick way to help employees be happier and more effective, he noted, comparing the effort to growing a tree.

“A tiny seedling just needs a little support to help it establish strong roots, spread its branches and flourish into a thriving tree,” he said.

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