Executives on the rise are generally risk-averse people. That makes it necessary to fight that tendency if you want to rise through the ranks, according to a new writeup at the KelloggInsight blog.

The writeup, based on the work of Carter Cast, a clinical professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, argues that budding executives can succeed at this by figuring out the difference between risk mitigation and being risk-averse.

It is important for executives to focus on details and mitigating risks within their company, since companies need stability. But a broad, risk-averse approach toward trying new and necessary things can leave growth at a standstill. These people should instead adopt the “lean thinking” mentality, which involves refreshing their thinking and testing new ideas, Cast is quoted as saying.

The full piece – “Don’t Let Complacency Derail Your Career” – can be accessed here.