W.R. Berkley Corp. unit Berkley One is partnering with a provider of identity theft and data defense services for a new coverage endorsement. XL Catlin now offers an insurance package designed for the visitor attraction sector designed to protect after security threats and assist after a catastrophic industry. Munich Re’s Hartford Steam Boiler is joining with cyber risk management firm Zeguro to provide cyber insurance to small and medium businesses.


Berkley One, a W.R. Berkley Corp. startup insurance provider, is partnering on a new product with CyberScout, a provider of identity theft and data defense services.

The partnership is through a new Berkley One Cyber coverage endorsement covering reimbursement of expenses related to identity theft, online extortion threats, social engineering, cyber bullying, system compromise and internet cleanup. The endorsement includes services from CyberScout to help with mitigation of risk. Clients can use CyberScout to proactively minimize cyber risk, monitor for threats and manage the damage if a breach occurs.

CyberScout LifeStages services include educational resources, proactive services and remediation options. Proactive services include everything from data protection tips to email and social media identity support, assessment of phishing risks, document replacement and even system protection support for laptops, tablets or smartphones.

CyberScout fraud specialists are leading the remediation services, and they’ll handle the recovery process behind the scenes by placing fraud alerts, calling creditors and helping the client for as long as it takes to restore their good name and peace of mind.


XL Catlin now offers Leisure Protect – an insurance package aimed at the mid to large visitor attraction sector. The coverage offers assistance as a result of a catastrophic injury and against a range of security threats.

The new product is designed to be a comprehensive insurance package for the attractions sector. Initially available in the UK and Ireland, Leisure Protect comes with location limits of up to $25 million for bodily injury, property damage and business interruption resulting from a range of catastrophic events including security-related threats, from workplace violence to terrorism.

The product also delivers 24/7 expert crisis response support – provided by business communications consultancy, Instinctif Partners – for the first 48 hours following an incident, plus comprehensive business recovery assistance. Additional digital risk management software capability can also be provided in conjunction with Mobaro Park.

XL Catlin insurance companies offer property, casualty, professional, financial lines and specialty insurance products globally.


Munich Re’s Hartford Steam Boiler is partnering with cyber risk management firm Zeguro to provide cyber insurance to small and medium businesses.

Their agreement calls for HSB to provide capacity to support Zeguro’s newly announced cyber insurance offering for these businesses.

Zeguro provides technology to help small and medium enterprises manage their exposure to cyber threats through their Virtual Cybersecurity Officer. With the ability to continually identify and mitigate risk, they are able to offer companies the appropriate insurance policy to protect them against cyber threats. Now, with the support and partnership of HSB, they are able to provide HSB capacity to support their cyber insurance offering.

Sources: W.R. Berkley Corp., XL Catlin, Munich Re/HSB

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