XL Catlin’s North America Environmental insurance business has developed a new wholesale pollution and professional insurance policy for U.S. trade contractors.

XL Catlin’s new wholesale Contractors’ Pollution and Professional Legal Liability Policy will help contractors address their contractual obligations to provide environmental liability and professional liability protection, according to a statement from XL Catlin. The policy also provides contractors with coverage for pollution exposures at a job site, while transporting waste or materials from their operations, and from a claim arising from waste or materials transported to a non-owned disposal site.

In addition, the policy provides protection to cover the costs associated with an environmental clean-up, including pollutants such as mold on an occurrence basis. A Renewal Certificate Endorsement is available to help provide a streamlined underwriting process at renewal.

XL Catlin said the new policy is available with liability limits up to $5 million. The coverage is specifically designed for trade contractors doing commercial work with revenues less than $50 million.

Source: XL Catlin