millennials from Q1 resized for websiteProgressive Insurance discovered one clue about millennials that could make it easier for carriers to bring them on board in the future: they’re looking for fulfillment over money.

That’s particularly key for information technology jobs. The property/casualty auto insurer determined in a new survey that 81 percent of millennials seeking a job in the IT realm would gladly take smaller compensation for work they feel passionate about.

On top of that, 82 percent of millennials pursuing a position in the field said they’re willing to relocate for a job in which they have interest. What’s more, they’d move more than 600 miles to take the position.

Lynley Williams, recruiting director for Progressive, said that the findings are important, considering the company has 3,500 tech-related positions. As a result, it places a high priority on understanding millennials so it can attract the best from the demographic as they enter and move through the work force.

“By and large, what we found is that millennials interested in IT want a job that allows them flexibility and growth opportunities, and which inspires them,” Williams said in prepared remarks. She added that Progressive already appeals to this group with its “college campus-like atmosphere” and its “risk, learn and grow culture.”

Wakefield Research conducted the survey for Progressive, reaching 1,000 U.S. millennials interested in IT jobs.

Other survey highlights:

  • Nearly three in five, or 58 percent, said they’d rather work remotely or have another kind of more flexible work arrangement than a job that pays 20 percent more.
  • 70 percent of respondents said they’re not satisfied with growth opportunities at their current job and are not afraid to move on quickly.
  • 59 percent said they were considering applying for a new job within six months, and nearly 1 in 5 said they’d explore applying for a new job a month or less after starting a new position.
  • Respondents told Progressive they visit online job boards or company career pages 6 times per week, and get an average of 6 messages from recruiters.

Source: Progressive Insurance

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