Melting snow and spring storms are among the top causes of springtime property damage, Travelers warns.

Travelers looked at claim data from 2012-2014 and found that damage from hail, windstorms and sewer/sump pump backups occurs more frequently in the spring (March through May) than at any other time.

“Advance planning and routine home maintenance can help lessen the effects of these weather events,” said Jim Gustin, Travelers’ senior property specialist, risk control.

Travelers recommends taking the following steps to help prevent potential damage:

  • Routinely maintain the trees around your home, including pruning tree limbs within 10 feet of your home.
  • Retrofit soffits to help ensure they remain in place in high winds.
  • Strengthen doors and windows by installing reinforcing bolt kits at the top and bottom.
  • Repair damaged gutters and downspouts, and ensure water can drain away from your foundation. Clear exterior drains and gutters of debris.
  • Inspect sump pumps and drains regularly to ensure proper operation. Check your sump pump battery backup to ensure it is working properly.