After 40 years of making its mark on the insurance industry with research and analysis for industry leaders, international insurance think tank The Geneva Association has today adopted a new brand with a modernized logo.

PrintThe new logo and color palette will provide stronger recognition and a clearer identity for the Association going forward, according to a statement from the group, which also noted that the logo and color scheme enable clear recognition of the Association across all media, including social and broadcast media as well as on smaller platforms, such as smart phones and tablets.

“This new logo provides a strong and clearly identifiable mark for the Association,” said Anthony Kennaway, Head of Communications at The Geneva Association. “It reflects not only our 40 years of history in risk management and insurance research but also our increasingly influential role in promoting policy-related and public discussions with our stakeholders at the global level.”

Founded in 1973, The Geneva Association is an international insurance think tank that produces and distributes high-quality research and analysis on global strategic insurance and risk management issues.

Its members are the chief executives of the world’s leading insurance companies. Their companies have total assets of more than $11.7 trillion, are headquartered in 27 countries around the world and employ more than 2 million people who serve customers in more than 140 countries.

The Geneva Association’s research promotes policy-related and public discussions among its members, academics, standard setters, policymakers, governments, international organizations and the public at large. Its objective is to educate and develop understanding on the unique role and importance of insurance in economies and for societies through publications, conferences and active discourse with policymakers and others.

It takes an active role in discussions with policymakers, central bankers, regulators and supervisors on behalf of the insurance industry.

The Association organizes international expert networks and manages discussion platforms for senior insurance executives and specialists as well as policymakers and regulators.

Source: The Geneva Association