Have you ever wondered what happened to the people who appeared on Carrier Management covers in the years since we profiled them?

We sure do.

Even though their follow-up stories don’t always continue to make the pages of Carrier Management, we keep tabs on their post-cover activities. And frankly, we’ve been consumed by an impulse to reminisce these days as we celebrate a milestone—the 10-year anniversary of our publication. So, we’ve devoted the following pages of this magazine to looking back at three of our cover stories—and then forward to share their “Where Are They Now?” adventures.

On one of our 2016 covers was Louis Ziskin: “His life needs to be in a movie,” journalist Russ Banham told us recently after he interviewed Ziskin for “Not Your Everyday CEO: Reversal of Fortune Again“—something Banham easily could have said seven years ago when he wrote, “Reversal of Fortune: How One CEO Went From Behind Bars to the Front of Insurance Technology.”

Amazingly, life got even more exciting after the former InsurTech leader left the world of insurance. Even CNN followed the most recent turns in his life, all the way to Thailand and back.

Inaki Berenguer, the co-founder of CoverWallet, was pictured on our first cover in 2019. Attentive readers know what happened to CoverWallet—Aon acquired the InsurTech later that same year. Berenguer, now a managing partner at Life Extension Ventures, a $100 million fund investing in technologies extending the life of people and planet, accepted our invitation to reflect on the journey to build a successful InsurTech and what he sees ahead for the sector from his vantage point outside the industry. (Read his article: “The Waves of Innovation in InsurTech: Reflections from a First-Wave Startup Co-Founder”)

Read the latest about Inaki Berenguer and Louis Ziskin in these magazine articles:

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As we present these updated tales of leaders, Carrier Management extends a thank you for Banham, Ziskin, and Berenguer for helping us celebrate our anniversary—and to Tony Kuczinski, who wrote the look-back-and-forward article also available in our first-quarter 2023 magazine. If you look closely, Kuczinski’s name is on that 2016 cover picturing Ziskin because he authored one of our editors’ favorite Executive Viewpoints for that same edition: “CEO Viewpoint: Challenge of Disruption Awakens a Sleeping Giant.”

Kuczinski, who retired from his positions as CEO of Munich Re US P&C Companies and of Munich Re US Holding Inc. on Dec. 31, 2022, reflected on the lessons of his career at our request in his article, “CEO Reflections: Thoughts on Long-Term Leadership and My Career.”


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