Managing too much can make your team feel untrusted, hinder their growth and cause them to disengage. Managing too little can leave them floundering, unsure of what’s expected of them, and could make them feel like they don’t matter to you or the company. How can you find the middle ground? Among the expert advice CM found: Create an environment that allows employees to self-motivate. Guide them to find solutions on their own. Offer support in times of need—not judgment. Be patient but realistic. Clarify your expectations. Make sure they have the tools and resources to be successful.

Encourage self-motivation.

Your team members are dragging their feet completing their tasks and failing to proactively address problems. Your first instinct is probably to ask, “How can I motivate my team?” But that’s the wrong question. Instead, you should ask yourself, “How can I create an environment for my team members to motivate themselves?”

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