There’s a simple idea that has guided Abel Travis as he rose to his current executive leadership position at a property/casualty insurance carrier and gave a platform to more than 100 InsurTech leaders at the same time.

Executive Summary

"When we have knowledge, we should share it broadly because it's going to help advance the entire industry." Abel Travis, VP of Fundamental Underwriters, who is recognized in InsurTech circles as the former host of the Insurance Innovators Unscripted podcast, said his knowledge-sharing mission motivated the launch of the podcast. It also drives the Black insurance executive to use his voice—and the extensive network of C-level executives he's cultivated—in support of underrepresented communities, he told Carrier Management in an interview late last year, during which he also shared some personal experiences as one of the few Black executives in the industry.

“I believe our work should be selfless. When we have knowledge, we should share it broadly because it’s going to help advance the entire industry,” said Travis, vice president of Fundamental Underwriters, a division of AF Group, answering a question about his work in mentoring younger Black professionals who hope to follow in his footsteps.

The specific knowledge he was talking about toward the end of the phone interview with Carrier Management was his knowledge of people—relationships with other executives in the industry that he can leverage to make introductions. “It’s important to use my influence to elevate others, especially for people within the Black and brown community. While unfortunate, I don’t necessarily believe we have many workplace advantages. I’ve been able to cultivate a fairly extensive network with C-level executives. I feel it’s my duty to use my voice and my network in support of underrepresented communities,” he said.

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