Certainty is scarce right now. When we lack certainty, we lack calm and peace. Our lives feel out of control. It’s daunting to capture calm in the midst of chaos. But when we seize control in times of uncertainty, we can change everything.

Executive Summary

"Over the course of any given day, we can encounter an inflection point, a situation that suggests we need to take action. But often we don't see it. Or we might see it, but we don't have the courage to act." Guest Editor Don Bailey recounts his own path to finding courage.

One man’s decision to act inspired me to take control of my life. Fulfillment comes to those who have the courage to seize control.

I was sitting in my office in lower Manhattan on a cold, gray winter day 11 years ago when I heard an unusual commotion outside my door. The date was Jan. 15, 2009. You may not recall the significance of the date, but I’ll bet you remember what happened.

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