During her career, Karen White, the CEO of RMS, has had a front-row seat to observe what happens with companies and industries in transformation and how enormous value—and disruption—can be created.

Executive Summary

Meeting with clients to acknowledge past failures and shaking up the leadership team were two key steps that RMS CEO Karen White took early on to restore faith in the 30-year-old risk modeling firm, still staffed by a stellar team of scientists and technologists. Adding to the existing skills, RMS has also brought on experts in new technologies like AI and machine learning to serve a transforming industry.

While some people are afraid of change, White embraces it after a career in Silicon Valley, leading startup tech companies and helping existing ones transform. It is, she told Carrier Management in an interview, where her passion for work lies.

“I have seen this movie before. I would say we’re at a moment in the [insurance] industry where staying in place and doing things the way we’ve done always in the past has become more painful than changing,” she emphasized. “I think, in such moments, people, institutions, companies and governments actually can change,” White said.

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