Typical Silicon Valley workforce benefits like catered lunches and gym memberships are appealing to a growing band of disrupters at Metromile, but that’s not the most fulfilling aspect of employee life, according to the chief executive officer.

Executive Summary

Imagine working at a company where you're rewarded on your fifth anniversary with a six-week paid sabbatical. That's one of the perks of working at InsurTech Metromile. But according to CEO Dan Preston, while unique perks are welcomed by employees, the real satisfaction is working in a blended workforce of Silicon Valley technologists and veterans from Fortune 500 insurers and financial services giants, with new tech tools and a common mission to use data science and customer-centric design to reimagine insurance.

Dan Preston believes that the opportunity to be part of a revolutionary mission is the real attraction for young technologists and established insurance experts alike, who rank the pay-per-mile insurer as one of the best companies to work for in the property/casualty insurance sector.

“What creates long-lasting culture is a sense of being mission-oriented and being focused around an objective together,” Preston said.

“Fundamentally, no amount of benefits or perks or anything like that can create a great culture,” he said. “In the end, the thing that actually unifies those two groups is an immense focus on the customer. When you focus first on what is going to be a great product experience and a great customer experience, and then you think about what is it that we need to do to build a great company together, a lot of the challenges that you often face in building a company start to wash away. People just become focused on solving the problem together,” he said.

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