When the founders of PURE Group set out to create a new insurance company in 2006, the challenge was a large one. Insurance was, and continues to be, a mature market with well-entrenched leaders. Large companies that have been in business for more than 75 years dominate the field, and competition for customers is fierce.

Executive Summary

The chief marketing officer of PURE Group explains how the company differentiates itself from the competition with a team of customer-obsessed, emotionally intelligent employees to engage meaningfully with policyholder members. The process starts at the hiring stage.

To be successful, we knew that PURE had to differentiate itself by carving out a distinct niche and tone and by engaging meaningfully with our policyholders. To do this, we established PURE as a member-owned insurance exchange that inherently aligns our interests with those of our members, who fall specifically in the high-net-worth category. This mission could not be realized without the support of a team of customer-obsessed, emotionally intelligent employees at every level.

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