How many employees at your organization have a firm grasp on how the Internet really works?

Executive Summary

Just as frontline employees don't have to understand exactly how the Internet works to grasp the importance of Internet technology to business, they don't have to understand all the ins and outs of big data. But they do need basic training to become more data-minded, suggests The Institute's Michael Elliott, who urges carriers to allocate more of their budgets on training all employees.

The number is likely very few. Layer in knowing how to use the power of the Internet to better all types of practices in the insurance industry and that number shrinks further.

Today, a single person serving as a dedicated specialist on the Internet is almost impossible—online price comparisons, email, social media and a host of other web-related technologies have revolutionized nearly every aspect of how a modern insurance organization operates. Sure, there are web developers, IT staff, social media managers and others with jobs specifically related to Internet processes and applications. Even if they don’t understand how the Internet really works, they and every other employee at every level understand how important the Internet is to business.

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