Given a choice between two options, agents would prefer that carriers focus their money and time on strengthening the personal bonds between them. Agents are even more emphatic about that when asked an open-ended question: “What do you want most from carriers today?”

Executive Summary

Relationships matter. Agents delivered the simple message to carriers in the comment section of a survey conducted by Deep Customer Connections for Carrier Management, with many suggesting that carriers are increasingly forgetting that agents are their customers. Last article of a four-part article series.

When Deep Customer Connections and Wells Media’s Insurance Journal teamed up to survey IJ readers from independent insurance agencies for this Carrier Management report in late 2015, 269 out of nearly 400 survey respondents were moved to write in an answer to that question—the final one of the survey—which prompted them to do more than simply check a box. And nearly one-fifth of them had something to say about inflexible underwriters who can’t think outside the box. But more than half of those 269 agency representatives focused on a broader issue: We want more effective working relationships, 148 of them said.

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