Nearly a quarter of small business owners have installed surveillance cameras to monitor employees and avert workers compensation fraud, according to a 2015 poll by Employers. But organized crime rings outsmart employers through complex workers comp fraud schemes that may go undiscovered until years later, according to ICW Group, a privately held property/casualty insurance group based in San Diego, Calif.

Executive Summary

Dissatisfied with the tools available in the market, ICW Group decided to create its own "Analysis Investigation Module" to identify fraudulent workers compensation claims immediately upon a claim submission.

ICW Group was dissatisfied with the tools available on the market, so the group of insurers set out to develop a product of its own—the Analysis Investigation Module (A.I.M.)—to combat workers comp fraud before it begins.

“No one tool met our standards in terms of protecting our customers, so we built our own,” said Danny Engell, vice president of enterprise strategic planning and analytics at ICW Group.

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