As insurance carriers struggle to set themselves apart from one another, they might want to seek inspiration from a different type of carrier—the wireless kind.

Executive Summary

By starting his journey as CEO of T-Mobile listening to customer pain points, John Legere brought attention—and growth—to his company. Here, Watermark's Jon Picoult suggests that insurance carrier leaders follow a similar path to reap the rewards of customer satisfaction.

In late 2012, wireless carrier T-Mobile was an also-ran, a distant fourth in an industry notorious for its customer-unfriendly business practices. Within a matter of months, that all changed.

John Legere, T-Mobile’s newly hired CEO, recast the company as “The Uncarrier”—a wireless service provider that was willing to enhance the customer experience in ways other carriers had long resisted. In a remarkably short period of time, Legere reversed T-Mobile’s sagging fortunes and dragged the wireless industry into a new era.

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