A carrier CEO who logs onto RiskMatch—the new platform created by Kabir Syed to enhance the relationships of carriers and brokers—is greeted by a screen with a big number in the upper right-hand corner, something in the billions of dollars.

Executive Summary

As they sift through opportunities and make decisions on how to allocate resources using information with the RiskMatch platform, carrier executives can also find out the answer to an all important question they ask about every broker relationship: Where do we rank—not only with the broker overall but within each individual brokerage office?

On the sample screenshot below—based on a demo Syed gave to Carrier Management in March—that number was $2.8 billion. By mid-July, it was $5 billion. And it’s now closing in on $10 billion, Syed reports.

What does it represent? It is the aggregate premium dollars for brokers participating on the entire RiskMatch platform, also known as the “RiskMatch opportunity universe.”

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