If you ask Towers Watson’s Chris Holt, one of the architects of a new terror model, what he fears when he goes to work each morning, the former British Army bomb-disposal officer will respond quickly.

Executive Summary

With a focus on terror events other than macro jihadi attacks causing billions of dollars in damage, Towers Watson in mid-April introduced a new terrorism risk model called Sunstone. Chris Holt, consulting director and one of Sunstone's architects, describes the impetus for the model's creation and its unique features.

“I don’t actually worry about terrorism on a day-to-day basis,” Holt says.

“I think as a peril, if you’re impacted by terrorism, you are extraordinarily unlucky,” he says, noting that incidents, when they happen, are of course absolutely tragic. “But personally, and hopefully in an informed way, when I go about my daily business, I do not worry about terrorism,” Holt says.

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