Standing before the dark, glistening dionite obelisk in The Louvre all those years ago, I wondered how long this particular game-changing innovation had taken from inspiration to execution.

Executive Summary

The leaders who personally—and publicly—create conditions of trust, communication and collaboration are carrying out the principles of Babylon's King Hammurabi, and creating the conditions for innovation in the modern insurance world, according to Karen Morris, a specialist in innovation strategy and execution

The Vision Statement underpinning Babylon’s Chairman and CEO’s innovation was succinct: “Establish Justice.” His mission, ambitious, “Enlighten the land to further the well-being of mankind.” The values statement unequivocal: “The strong shall not injure the weak.”

The purposeful Hammurabi, innovator and leader, knew something about getting his message across. Moreover, it was unambiguously his. The King took explicit personal ownership of his strategic intent and of the detailed tactical provisions supporting it.

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