A new series, “The Damage Report,” highlights states other than California, Florida and Texas, which suffer from a higher volume and wider variety of disasters, as multi-peril disaster insurance company Recoop found in its analysis of 20 years of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) data highlighting severe weather statistics on a state-by-state basis.

Recoop found that Oklahoma residents have experienced the greatest volume of natural disasters of any state in the Union since 2000.

A staggering 52 disasters impacted more than 1.17 million Oklahoma residents since 2000, including severe storms, wildfires, tornadoes and ice storms.

The state, located in Tornado Alley, is followed by Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Alabama is the most vulnerable to hurricanes, according to the new report. Since 2000, the state has sustained $50 billion in damages due to hurricane-related damages.

Mississippi averages 102 tornadoes a year, and in 2022, the state reported 184 tornadoes.

Recoop note that in since 2000, the state of Arkansas saw 186 percent increase in natural disasters.

The full list of top 10 states prone to disasters follows:

The Damage Report by Recoop