Progressive Insurance’s most dedicated employee is about to get a possible love interest. Launching May 23, Progressive’s new campaign follows Flo as she encounters an old flame—played by actor Jon Hamm.

“Flo has been at the heart of Progressive’s marketing for nearly 15 years. We’ve witnessed her undying love of insurance, watched as friendships have developed, and have even met her family, but one aspect of her life has remained a mystery—until now,” said Progressive’s chief marketing officer, Remi Kent. “In partnering with Jon Hamm, we fan the flames of brand love in a way that consumers can relate to, because who hasn’t experienced the awkwardness of unrequited love.”

Progressive said the two cross paths years after an unsuccessful blind date. The meeting rekindles Hamm’s interest, leading to a three-part story “complete with romantic gestures and unexpected insurance emergencies. All to leave Jon with failed attempts at love and Flo sticking true to herself and offering insurance discounts whenever and however she can.”

“Old Flame,” “Table for Two?” and “Hammergency” are focused on Progressive’s Home & Auto Savings and usage-based insurance offering Snapshot, and will be airing throughout May and June across digital channels and national television.