What is being billed as the first on-demand and pay-per-use plan to protect against home theft has debuted in Italy, in a collaboration between three companies. Chubb added Errors and Omissions coverage to its digital platform for agents and brokers.


Chubb has added Errors and Omissions coverage to its Chubb Marketplace digital platform for agents and brokers.

The upgraded product, Pro ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), provides small businesses with a single policy that addresses professional, media, and cyber exposures.

Professional service firms may be held accountable for adverse situations resulting from standard services such as producing advertising or other media content; or collecting, storing, or transmitting private or proprietary information.

Pro ERM is available to more than 150 types of professional service firms including consultants, staffing firms, call centers, and bookkeepers, and is backed by Chubb’s financial stability, superior claims service, broad appetite, and leadership position in professional liability insurance. Agents seeking protection for their small business clients from a variety of new liability exposures can select professional liability coverage on a standalone basis or with the inclusion of Chubb’s robust cyber coverage options.


Enel X, an Italy-based global provider of smart home and other electronic products, is launching its first on-demand and pay-per-use home insurance coverage.

Dubbed Homix Smart Protection, the cover is flexible insurance that protects the home against theft. The product is possible by way of a partnership with online broker Neosurance and the Italian P/C insurance company Net Insurance. It relies on pay-as-you-go rather than an annual fee, allowing customers to decide how long their coverage is in play.

Customers can activate the coverage when they purchase the Homix Multisensor from the Enel X smart home line, according to the product announcement. The Homix Multisensor is the Enel X smart home ecosystem’s motion, temperature and light sensor. Once activated, they receive 5 days free theft insurance for their home. Customers can monitor their spending via smartphone with their Homix App. Once the free coverage period ends, customers can pay for time of use through a rechargeable wallet, and also receive notification when the credit is about to run out.

While the product is currently available on the Italian market, it can eventually be scaled globally due in part to AXA XL’s reinsurance technical support.

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