Effective leadership requires patience. But in our “always on” digital world, people often expect things to happen at hyperspeed.

How can leaders boost their patience?

Try reframing how you perceive time, says a new article from Harvard Business Review. It starts with redefining the meaning of speed: Do you want to move fast, or do you want to finish (i.e., deliver value) sooner? Working at a slow and smooth pace reduces mistakes and re-dos and in the end speeds up the mission. Of course, the author adds, this means leaders need to clearly define what delivering value means from the start.

Learning to be grateful can also increase your patience, according to the HBR article, which notes that people who feel more grateful are better at delaying gratification. When something triggers your impatience, take a moment to reflect on what is going well and what you’ve learned or have the potential to learn from the crisis.

Source: “Becoming a More Patient Leader,” HBR, Sept. 2, 2020