In a rapidly changing business climate, executives must nurture their intuition as much as they rely on facts and figures to make decisions.

A recent posting on the Great Leadership Blog argues as much, asserting that intuition and a strong inner voice can help an executive adapt and make necessary decisions on the fly.

In other words, gut instincts matter.

“If … you doubt your instinct and what your intuiting, or disrespect the inner guidance you’re being offered, believing your inner feeling are an illusion and can’t be proven, are immaterial, a weakness or insignificant, you’re negating your greatest strength,” the blog posting argues. “Your inner voice offers you the true nature of the reality beyond the physical. Your sixth sense nurtures your confidence and grows your faith in yourself to inspire others.”

As well, intuition can lead you to places that facts on their own don’t.

“A hunch, a feeling, your gut reaction often leads you to answers you never could have come up with through your intellect alone,” according to the posting.

The full posting – “Nurture Your Leadership Intuition” – can be accessed at this link.