Roost is partnering with a Florida insurer in a move that could help expand usage of its home telematics insurance products. SkyWatch.AI, an on-demand telematics-based insurance platform for commercial drones, has launched in the United Kingdom. Germany’s Getsafe has started marketing separate digital bike insurance.


Roost is partnering with Olympus Insurance Company in a new pilot program with a group of the insurer’s Florida property/casualty policyholders.

The strategic agreement between Olympus and Roost, a maker of home telematics for property insurance carriers, is designed to explore how Roost can help mitigate claims, reduce home repair costs, and provide an increased value to homeowners.

Participating Olympus Insurance policyholders get a free Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector, to use along with a mobile app as an early warning system for water leaks. The goal: to enable homeowners to find and stop water leaks quickly and minimize water damage. Roost will provide connectivity through its white labeled mobile app, which is enhanced with severe weather alerts from IBM/The Weather Company and delivers home service pro access from HomeAdvisor.


SkyWatch.AI, an on-demand telematics-based insurance platform for commercial drones, has launched in the United Kingdom.

VOOM, an on-demand usage-based specialized mobility insurance provider will offer SkyWatch.AI there, and will provide UK drone pilots with access to its platform that enables data analysis and active risk-reduction capabilities for users.

Building on its success in the US, SkyWatch.AI’s UK policies will be underwritten by international specialty insurance and reinsurance group Chaucer.

Using Skywatch.AI, commercial drone pilots can receive instant, flexible, and affordable insurance, while lowering their rates by flying safer, the company said /Drone pilots can purchase third-party liability insurance via SkyWatch.AI’s mobile application, choosing either a monthly or per-flight coverage plan.


Germany’s Getsafe has launched digital bike insurance.

As with other Getsafe products, customers can simply buy and manage their digital

bike insurance policy via an app. The bike is protected worldwide, even while traveling, 24 hours a day. If a bicycle is stolen, the lock is even insured.

Unlike other insurance providers, Getsafe offers its customers bicycle protection separately from contents insurance. All policies can be cancelled at any time and claims can simply be reported via app. Over the coming years, the company plans to offer entirely digital life insurance and expand into other European countries.

Sources: Roost, SkyWatch.AI, Getsafe