Want a committed team? Show them that you care, advises leadership expert Steve Keating in a recent posting on his LeadToday blog. He believes that for a leader to be truly effective and make a positive, long-term difference, he or she needs to have a high Care Factor (CF).

People in leadership positions can force their people to comply, and that compliance can result in short-term success, Keating says. But the problem with compliance is that it lasts only as long as the leader is around.

On the other hand, leaders who demonstrate a high CF and lead authentically don’t need the compliance of their people because they earn their commitment, which continues whether the leader is there to see it or not.

Demonstrating a high CF means getting to know your team members on a personal level. Invest time in learning about their goals—both personal and professional—and do what you can to help them achieve both. It’s also important to understand the challenges your people face and to do your best to make sure they have the tools to overcome them.

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