Zurich Insurance Group believes a competition will help it find cutting-edge startups and entrepreneurs with whom to collaborate in the InsurTech space.

The Swiss insurer launched what it is calling the Zurich Innovation World Championship, billing it as a global competition where the winners gain the chance to use their products for Zurich customers in selected countries. Startups with established products and services are eligible to apply by the Sept. 30, 2018 deadline.

Interested applicants can apply via the Championship webpage.

Zurich said it is running the competition in more than 20 countries globally, with an eye out for startups focused on mobility, smart homes and buildings, digital health, and financial planning.

The insurer kicked off the competition on Aug. 30, with the overall winners in the countries going on to a regional round. The winners of the North America, Latin America, Europe and Middle East, and Asia Pacific regional rounds will then take part in a final global competition.

The final round will take place in February 2019, with the bronze, silver and gold winners each receiving the resources to enact a pilot program with Zurich customers. Subject matter experts, innovation leaders and senior business executives will pick the winners.

Source: Zurich Insurance