Chubb has put two decades worth of its own commercial cyber claims data into an online index that shows the cyber threats for organizations based on their size and industry.

Access to the new proprietary online Chubb Cyber Index is free.

The index provides users with a means of identifying the leading cyber risks their business may face based on real-world examples of cyber attacks and data breaches. Users can set parameters and view historical trends based on type of threat, size of a company and which industry that company operates within.

“We’re thrilled to offer businesses throughout North America this interactive capability to provide insight into real threats facing them on a daily basis,” said Bill Stewart, division president of Chubb’s Global Cyber Risk practice. “The first step to protecting a business from a cyber attack is staying aware of what threats are most prominent to a company’s size and industry. Our Cyber Index will help users to better understand their exposures and manage risk before a cyber incident occurs.”

Michael Tanenbaum, executive vice president, Chubb, said that insight gained from the data in the index has helped Chubb “monitor the evolution of the marketplace and understand various threats and how they impact different businesses, based on their profile.”

Chubb says the index will be updated biweekly and ultimately will deliver real-time data.

Source: Chubb