Executives: Treat your employees just like primary customers and good things will happen.

This leadership tip comes from S. Chris Edmonds, an executive consultant, speaker and author who wrote a recent blog item on how leaders can shepherd their companies to major wins. (It’s featured in the “Great Leadership” blog curated by Dan McCarthy, director of executive development programs at the Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire.)

What does treating your employees as primary customers mean? According to Edmunds, this translates to “creating a safe, inspiring, respectful work environment of trust” and making sure an executive’s team gets every chance possible to put their “knowledge, skills and hearts” to good use in order to further the team’s goals.

There are other tips, too. Edmunds said a good leader can guide his or her team to a win by formalizing the company’s culture, because corporate culture “drives everything that happens in your company.”

To do this, Edmunds recommends codifying a company or team’s purpose, values, desired principles and values in ways that teams can observe, measure and relate to.

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