Evan Greenberg

Chubb President and Chief Executive Officer Evan Greenberg reiterated his call for tax reform, open trade and significant infrastructure investment, urging President Donald Trump and Congress to take cooperative action on both fronts.

“My views remain as they were,” Greenberg said during Chubb’s 2017 second quarter earnings call on July 26. “For our country, and for our economy to reach its full potential – which it is not [at] right now – we need tax reform [and] we need infrastructure.”

Greenberg said the state of infrastructure in the U.S. is “shameful, and it is a competitive disadvantage and we are somehow lackadaisical about that.”

Greenberg stressed that China and other countries growing their economies are investing far more on their infrastructure, and “that is a tax on us.”

“An awful lot of this requires legislation,” Greenberg said. “We need an administration that is focused, that is working with Congress, and we need a Congress that comes together to address these issues for our country.”

Open trade has helped the U.S., Greenberg said, in particular through NAFTA. As NAFTA is renegotiated and updated, Greenberg said there are many in the Trump administration that understand why NAFTA – an agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico – matters.

NAFTA, Greenberg said, “makes a competitive North America in a global marketplace.”

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