Munich Reinsurance America has developed an immersive Tornado Virtual Reality Experience to demonstrate the devastating power of tornadoes and the need for resilient homes.

The reinsurer is bringing its Tornado Experience to a number of upcoming industry events and has also made it available via YouTube. For the best viewing experience, Munich Re, US recommends using a VR goggle headset.

In 2016, the damage from U.S. convective storms exceeded more than $22 billion in economic losses, including $15.3 billion in insured losses. Spending a dollar on disaster mitigation and preparedness saves an average of $4 in future losses, according to the National Institute of Building Services.

“The socio-economic impact of tornadoes will continue to escalate due to people moving to regions at greater risk to severe thunderstorms, increases in the value of personal property and suburban sprawl creating more ‘targets’ for severe thunderstorms,” said Mark Bove, senior research meteorologist at Munich Re, US. “Often, an incremental cost in resilient construction techniques in a new home can allow a building to withstand 130 mph winds—much more than the current requirements of many building codes.”

Source: Munich Re, US