An estimated 39.3 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home this Memorial Day weekend—the holiday’s highest travel volume since 2005, according to AAA.

The majority of travelers (some 34.6 million people) will drive to their destinations, an increase of 2.4 percent over last year. Air travel is expected to increase 5.5 percent, with 2.9 million Americans choosing this mode of transport. Travel via cruise, train and bus will increase as well, expected to be up 2.9 percent to 1.75 million travelers.

Drivers will be paying the highest Memorial Day gas prices since 2015, AAA said, with the national average price for a gallon of gas on May 17 at $2.34, 11 cents more than last year. Airfare, car rental rates and midrange hotels are also trending higher than last Memorial Day.

Chicago, Los Angeles and New York are expected to be the busiest metro areas this Memorial Day weekend. Meanwhile, for those seeking to travel internationally, Europe is especially popular this year, with Rome, London, Dublin and Paris among the top destinations.