South East Asia GlobeAIR Worldwide issued two new weather event updates, covering Typhoon Haima in the Philippines and China and an earthquake in Japan.

After wreaking havoc with heavy rains in northern Luzon and elsewhere in the Philippines as a Category 4-equivalent storm, Typhoon Haima made a second landfall as a Category 1-storm in eastern Guandong Province in China. Landfall was about 110 km east of Hong Kong, with gusts of up to 109 km/h, according to Air Worldwide senior scientist Anna Trevino. As it tracked toward Shanghai, Haima was expected to dump about 75-150 mm of rain on the region.

More than 740 flights to and from Hong Kong were canceled or delayed as of local afternoon time, AIR Worldwide said. Officials suspended ferry and bus services and adjusted train schedules, among other storm-related changes.

Haima had not yet caused major damage or fatilities in China as of midday Friday.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit western Japan early on Oct. 21, about 8 km south of Kurayoshi Japan. Officials did not issue a tsunami warning, but there are reports of road and building damages as well as power outages.

AIR Worldwide noted that the quake was close to a number of population centers. The catastrophe modeling firm said that buildings in Japan are of varying ages, so damage will be uneven. Older buildings are susceptible to shake damage, but newer structures built to updated design codes, so they’ll be more resilient.

Soource: AIR Worldwide

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