Businesswomen-580x386Women have a vital role to play in helping to build InsurTech companies.

Eva Genzmer, head of corporate communications for Germany’s Friendsurance argues as much in a recent company blog posting.

Friendsurance is a peer-to-peer insurance broker/online portal designed to simplify how consumers buy insurance and make the process more affordable. Among its innovations: giving users a cash-back bonus at the end of each year they don’t have an insurance claim. As Genzmer writes, more than one third of the company’s management team is female, which is contrary to the male-dominated insurance industry staffing situations elsewhere around the world.

Genzmer asserts that women bring new skills and mindsets to the table as insurers seek new ways to innovate and insuretech companies step up to accomplish the task.

“Women are said to have high empathetic skills. According to my experience this is true more often than it is not true,” Genzmer writes. “But women bring along so much more than empathy. They can give fresh impulses to the conservative and so far man-dominated insurance industry in all sorts of issues.”

Genzmer said that women bring great value “especially when it comes to problem-solving approaches and the industry’s lack of customer-centricity.”

Her blog posting goes on to highlight some of the major female executives in insuretch companies around the world.

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