hail stormAccording to new data released by CoreLogic on Monday, the 2016 hail season is already one of the most severe in Texas history, with year-to-date results reaching the nine-year average for U.S. hail storm damage.

Estimated losses for spring hail storms in Fort Worth, Plano, Wylie and San Antonio totaled $689.6 million.

Below is a summary detailing the hail size, number and percentage of properties affected by hail damage and the total estimated losses for the April 12 San Antonio event. This event had the highest loss total of four Texas events tallied by CoreLogic—nearly $345 million—but the second highest number of impacted properties.

CoreLogicJuly2016TexasHail San Antonio

More than 310,000 properties were damaged in Wylie, although losses there totaled roughly $245 million.

During the March 17 event, Plano residences experienced an estimated $72.5 million in damage with more than 236,000 properties affected.

While the maximum size of hail that pelted Plano homes in late March was 2.0 inches—the smallest size measured for the four events—”hail the size of hen eggs broke through windows, skylights, and windshields, destroyed roofing, and left property owners making,” CoreLogic said, noting that the result was more than 100,000 properties damaged for a total cost of roughly $36 million.

For this analysis, homes valued below $40,000 were excluded, CoreLogic noted.

For more detailed data, visit the interactive story maps at https://CoreLogic Texas Hail Spring 2016.