Bigger Better and Faster Product as a ConceptBeazley is rolling out new specialist medical professional liability coverage for small healthcare providers. Willis Towers Watson debuted a new plan option for companies that operate in and service the global oil and gas industry. Chubb now offers coverage for expenses relating to cyber bullying.


Beazley said it has beefed up its specialist medical professional liability coverage options for small healthcare providers. Target customers include home healthcare, pharmacies, most outpatient clinic Medical Endoscopeservices and also providers such as acupuncturists and yoga instructors.

Added to the insurance plans: new policy enhancements, increased standard coverage, best in class service levels and privacy breach response services.

Beazley’s enhanced policy form includes professional liability, general product, employee benefits and privacy liability coverages, as well as breach response services. Each has a separate limit, and expanded coverages in the new core policy form include punitive damages, sexual misconduct, independent contractors and blanket coverage for additional insureds.


Willis Towers Watson has come out with new insurance coverage targeted to companies that operate in bigstock-overall-view-of-oil-and-gas-in-40615705and service the global oil and gas industry.

Dubbed Risk Protect, and written by Chubb, the coverage is meant to address current and emerging risks in the oil and gas sector, including cyber security, supply chain interruption and terrorism.=

Coverage features include employer’s liability, public and products liability, property damage, and business interruption insurance. Clients can obtain specific extensions for items such as financial loss, product recall expenses, cleanup costs, onshore and offshore pollution coverage.


Chubb recently began selling cyber bulling insurance for U.S. homeowners.

Cyber BullyingThe coverage has been added to Chubb’s U.S. Masterpiece Family Protection policy, and it offers up to $60,000 in compensation to clients and family members for expenses connected to harassment and intimidation committed through personal computers, telephones or mobile devices.

Clients can pursue cost recovery when cyber bullying results in wrongful termination, false arrest, or wrongful discipline in a school. A diagnosed debilitating shock, mental anguish or mental injury that leaves a client or family member unable to go to school or work for more than a week is also coverable.

Additionally Chub included compensation in the insurance for psychiatric services, rest and recuperation expenses, lost salary, temporary relocation services, education expenses, professional public relations services and cyber security consultants.

Sources: Beazley, Willis Towers Watson, Chubb

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