cyber security with binary code lock hackerA division of Ironshore Inc. is beefing up the risk management services it offers a certain class of cyber policyholders. Among the additions: A cyber security assessment and technical services review conducted by an arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Ironshore said it will provide the new services through its IroPro professional liability unit, for eligible “Highly Protected Information” (HPI) policyholders.

As part of this, Homeland Security will give a cyber security assessment and technical services review included in the cost. This is through the federal agency’s C3 Voluntary Program and National Cybersecurity Assessment and Technical Services. As Ironshore explains it, this provides third party perspective on current cyber security exposure within the policyholder network.

Broader additions for the eligible HPI policyholders entail cyber monitoring and alert services during the duration of the policy, which will be provided by Atlanta-based security firm BorderHawk. CMAS generates and transmits a cyber risk warning alert to a predetermined point of contact for immediate action, if a potential risk is identified. These alerts are also designed to signal where threats or potential vulnerabilities might be within a specific IP address.

Ironshore/IronPro said the service enhancements will complement IronPro’s existing specific asset-class PrivaProtector policy form that addresses risk exposure for critical infrastructure insureds in the healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and commercial facilities sectors.

Source: Ironshore Inc./IronPro