Ironshore Inc. said it is introducing new coverage for hospitals and healthcare systems designed to address both existing and emerging liability exposures.

The new policy—LeadingEdge—comes out through Ironshore’s IronHealth specialty healthcare unit.

Ironshore said the comprehensive lead excess policy has coverage limits up to $15 million, attaching over a minimum $1 million self-insured retention.

Details about the LeadingEdge policy:

  • Offerings include professional and general liability coverages to address recognized, diverse liability risks within the sector.
  • Coverage includes emerging infectious disease business interruption insurance, government regulatory billing errors & omissions and managed care errors & omissions.
  • IronHealth plans to keep underwriting charitable services professional liability coverage for insured individuals who offer medical services around the world, with up to $ 1million in limits.
  • There’s a drop-down suite of additional coverages, including reimbursement of expenses due to personal information protection, evacuation, disinfection, medical waste civil fines and penalties, and legal defense, among other elements.

Source: Ironshore Inc.