New Telematic Platform Introduces Smart Car Insurance and Better Customer-RelationsA new telematic platform is being marketed to insurance companies worldwide as “the first permanent communication channel between car insurance companies and their customers.”

The Event-Based Interaction (EBI) platform, developed by Austrian telematics specialist Dolphin Technologies, combines telematics with customer relationship management and marketing automation, according to a product release.

Dolphin provided an example of how the platform works: An installed telematics device sends its location and other related information via cellular network to the EBI platform. The driver is then informed via smartphone about weather-related problems such as black ice, heavy rain or snow, and also receives an offer to switch to public transportation. A customer who accepts the offer is given a free ticket, a safety bonus or a discount.

Dolphin provides its EBI platform as either a standalone or combined with tools from Salesforce, a provider of CRM software and marketing automation tools. Dolphin offers both the technical framework as well as the production of content and the implementation of relevant third-party services, like weather and traffic information.

Source: Dolphin Technologies