Markel Corp. announced Wednesday that the company has created a new position—chief marketing officer—putting Thomas K. Smith in the role as of July 1.

As CMO, Smith is responsible for business development, branding, managing strategic relationships, creating digital assets and corporate advertising/marketing activities.

In making the announcement, Mike Crowley, president and co-chief operating officer, called Smith uniquely talented and charismatic. Noting that Smith had been a broker at several points in his career, Markel will benefit from Smith’s insight into producer viewpoints, said Crowley, who also has experience on the broker side of the business.

“His many contributions to our growth and development, as well as his ability to connect with industry leaders, make him the natural choice for this high-profile position,” Crowley said in a statement.

Smith will report to Crowley and continue working at Markel’s corporate headquarters in Richmond, Va. He joined Markel in 2007.

Source: Markel Corp.