Catastrophe risk modeling firm AIR Worldwide collaborated with the Association of British Insurers and other industry experts on a detailed paper outlining the challenges of non-modeled catastrophe risks and proposing methods to assist in their quantification.

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“This paper aims to support companies in improving the explicit identification and modeling of catastrophe risks within their risk management and capital modelling frameworks,” said Tristan Garnons-Williams, Policy Adviser at the Association of British Insurers. “Alongside a number of contributions from various industry representatives, AIR’s input was highly valuable in compiling the report.

“AIR provided a respected perspective on how to think about and manage perils that are not yet modeled.”

For the purposes of this paper, non-modeled risk is defined as any potential source of non-life insurance loss that may arise as a result of catastrophe events, but which is not explicitly covered by a company’s use of existing catastrophe models. Sources of non-modeled risk covered in the paper were divided into four categories:

  • Regions and perils not covered by catastrophe models;
  • Secondary perils and effects not covered by catastrophe models;
  • Classes and lines of business not covered by catastrophe models;
  • Coverages not considered by catastrophe models.

Sources: AIR Worldwide, Association of British Insurers

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