Specialty insurer Ironshore Inc. said it has formed a Group Executive Leadership Committee to formulate the firm’s strategy for continued growth and enhanced performance of its group of companies globally.

The Executive Leadership Committee will address the short and longer-term issues surrounding business prioritization, organizational development and improvement initiatives, the announcement said.

The committee represents senior management responsible for various organizational functions within its group of companies worldwide: Kevin H. Kelley, CEO; Shaun Kelly, president and CEO of U.S. Operations; Mitchell E. Blaser, chief operations officer, CEO of Ironshore Bermuda, IronServe and Iron-Starr; Joe Roberts, chief financial officer of Ironshore Inc.; Mark Wheeler, CEO of Ironshore International; and Paul. S. Giordano, general counsel, secretary, and chairman of Diversified Credit Business.

CEO Kelley said the committee will focus on the “growth of the business and ensure execution and accountability of organizational priorities.”

The Ironshore group of companies underwrites more than 15 specialty lines of business in 25 offices worldwide.